TheStack Baseball Metrics

TheStack has streamlined your performance variables into 4 key metrics.

Stack Speed

Your Stack Speed is the median Standard Stack Speed from your fastest session yet in this program.

Bat eSpeed

Your Bat eSpeed is the predicted speed of a point on your gamer bat that would generate the highest exit velocity of a batted ball. Based on the bat info that you provide in My Profile, we estimate this point on your bat. The Bat eSpeed value shown in the app is from your fastest session yet.

Distance Potential

Your Distance Potential is an estimate of how far you could hit a ball with your bat based on the training speed with your Standard Stack Weight. It is assumed that the pitch speed was at a specific mph at the plate based on whether you are training with Pro or Youth Stack Bat. The ball was contacted near the bat's sweet spot creating the optimal combination of ball exit velocity, launch angle, and spin. The temperature is 70 degrees F, the relative humidity is 50%, and you are at sea level.

Grit Score

Your Grit Score is a measure of how well you are sticking to the assigned rest and frequency of your training program. The better you follow the program, the more Grit you have.