Dynamic Training Programs

TheStack's A.I. algorithms were formulated following years of research by leading sport scientist, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie. The same science used to speed train the world’s best is now available to all baseball players.

How Programs Are Tailored to Each Player

Initially, each player is piloted through a series of swing speed tests to generate a force-velocity profile of their current swing. Qualitative data is gathered on perceived strengths and weaknesses related to generating bat speed.

Based on individual comprehensive baseline data, TheStack App’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms provide a list of customized program options. The program list is rank ordered starting with the program that has the greatest likelihood of increasing bat speed over a 6 to 10 week period, which equates 18 to 24 training sessions. 

Once a program is selected, TheStack App continues to function as a personal trainer, guiding scheduled workouts and tracking stack weight, rest, recovery, and performance data. The tracked data entered during each workout is constantly utilized by TheStack’s A.I. algorithms to adjust and individually optimize subsequent Stack workouts, maximizing bat speed gains. 

Upon completion of a program, each players goes through a Progress Check, to quantify speed gains. This data is then used by TheStack’s A.I. to rank order your next training program options.  The more you train with TheStack, the more individually tailored the programs become!

All Programs

The Foundation is the meat-and-potatoes speed training program, which has consistently delivered gains to a wide range of players with varying levels of speed training experience. It’s designed to ease the beginner into speed training. It is not uncommon for players to repeat this program.

The Foundation consists of 18 sessions and takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.

Full Speed Spectrum aggressively targets the neuromuscular system to stimulate changes in both the force and speed components of the power curve. This program is well-suited to players who currently require a balanced increase in the ability to both apply high levels of force and move quickly.

The Heavy Hitter is particularly helpful for the athlete wanting to smooth out tempo and improve functional range of movement of key power-producing muscles.  The initial focus is on using Stack masses that exceed the inertia of the gamer bat. The Heavy Hitter is ideal for players wanting increased control of their bat's movement.

The Heavy Hitter consists of 24 sessions and takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

Particularly helpful for players whose bat speed fails to reach expectations relative to their level of strength. The Neural Drive program is also effective for players who struggle with the concept of maximum effort swing. 

Neural Drive consists of 24 sessions and takes approximately 8 weeks to complete.

Cruiser is a flexible program designed to be used in-season or during busier times. You've made some speed gains but will have limited speed training time in the coming week and want to maintain your speed.

Before each session, the app will give you the option of completing and 8-, 15-, or 25-minute workout. You also set the number of sessions in the program.

Flex is a highly accommodating program that is provided for stackers who are interested in exploring various workout options within a single program. Before starting each session, the app will give you the option of completing an overload, overspeed, or mixed session lasting 8-, 15-, or 25-minutes. You also set the number of sessions in the program.